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Mirror Mirror

... on the on the wall, I wish I had a crystal ball.

After a very disappointing June long weekend at Kaleidoscope Social Dance 4th birthday party, fundraiser and a one off production show by three of Western Sydney's most fabulous and popular drag queens - Laydee Kinmee, Marilyn Mootrub & Ophelia Shaft, we ended up losing money on the night, which was set up in the first place to raise money to keep the night running.

Due to a lack of attendance, the big question is over the coming months we will be in negotiations with the venue to change the date of the dance to the end of the month in the next year so it doesn't clash with long weekend or other big events.

This might help as we need at least 70 people every dance to cover the cost of entertainment and DJ and function hire and as of late this has not been the case.

At the Parramatta Golf Club, I really wish I knew what was going to happen in the second half of this year so I could plan for next year as most people are aware we do our dates a year in front and it is sometimes very hard not to clash with other events or maybe just finish up Kaleidoscope at the end of the year and focus on my baby " Heaven Social Dance ", which will celebrate its 7th birthday on 12 July at the Northmead Bowling Club; Hosted by Me, Geoff Fields from 2Day Fm and Pandora Box, with 17 of Western Sydney's best performers donating their time to help raise money for the Western Suburbs Haven - Looking after people living with HIV and Aids based at Blacktown.

In the past our birthday night has raised thousands of dollars with over 150 people attending the night, so mark this one in your diary it's going to be a big one.

Only tell if Kaleidoscope doesn't have a future in Western Sydney as we still have three more dances left at Kaleidoscope at the Parramatta golf club and three more dances at Heaven at the Northmead Bowling Club.

With over 100 people attending every dance at Heaven (50 is quiet, 80 is good, 100 is fabulous), it may be a case of continuing with Heaven in 2015 on the last Saturday of every second month starting in January with "Frocked Up #3" which has already been locked in for 2015 however, we're still in negotiations with the Parramatta Golf Club for Kaleidoscope for next year's dates - if we decide to continue with it!

IMG 0486So please come and support these nights in Western Sydney because myself and the other co-ordinators do not get paid for running or organizing these events.

With a small entertainment budget and all proceeds after initial cost being donated back to the community, why wouldn't you come? It's a safe environment to be gay be fabulous and wear whatever you want!

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Do you think two social dances in Western Sydney is too much?
We love your feedback or should we just do six social dances a year instead of 12?

In the past we had some great social event in Western Sydney like
"Castaway "
" Dolphins "
"Pash/4Play "
" Diamonds & Pearls ".

These have come to an end for one reason or another, so please come and support social dances and events in Western Sydney.

I'm a little bit over preaching to people to come and support them if you don't support them I will just give up.

I have conned my gorgeous new flat mate Felicity Frockaccino into producing the next production show at Heaven which will be launched on 13 September.

Rumour has it, two of Western Sydney's drag queens are involved in a little bit of Kai Kai. (awww aint that cute!) I wonder if they're doing it in drag, or just in makeup? Love, lust, lipstick - it's all good. 

That's it for this month
Until next time gorgeous!
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