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It's Time To Unite

Well well well it's that time of year where it starts to get colder and we have to focus on getting bums on seats at the events out west!

Heaven Social Dance just did the final production of the show “2Gay 2function” on the weekend with it being one of our biggest nights this year!

As most of you are aware Laydee Kinmee started at heaven in a talent quest in 2009 and now has agreed to come back and help us keep the nights running with a brand-new one off production shower 'Queens of Country' Featuring Ophelia Shaft , Marilyn Mootrub and LayDee KinMee + launching her brain NEW CD "Faster". This will take place on the June long weekend (7th June) at the Parramatta Golf Club

This is a night not to be missed with all proceeds after initial cost going to keep Kaleidoscope Social Dance running at the Parramatta  golf club...

We are also looking for feedback from our regular patrons and their friends in regards to the future of social dances in Western Sydney. At the moment we run one dance a month in Western Sydney. Is it a case of too much of a good thing and should we change it to increase the amount of people that attend the night taking into consideration that none of us that run the event get paid for doing this and hold down full-time jobs. Also our priority was to provide a safe place for the GLBT community to socialize with their friends and drag queens in Western Sydney and have a place to perform and receive a small appearance fee and raise money for great organizations like Acon and the Haven.

So if you have any feedback please contact me on, and leave your comments so we know what you guys want.

This year to acknowledge IDAHOT (International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia) there will be a stall in Parramatta Mall – THURDSDAY 15th May from 11am to 2pm. They will have support from the Local Police, PFLAG, Parramatta City Council, ACON and MCC Church. There will be food trucks, games and lots of giveaways. They are promoting tolerance and understanding, so if you are in the Mall on Thursday for lunch, pop by and say hello.

And the Canterbury - Bankstown Group are also having an IDAHOT BBQ on Saturday 17th  May from 12pm-3pm at East Hills Park , East Hills. The day will include a free BBQ, information stalls, games, a continuation of the “Rainbow Quilt” and a photo campaign, that they are planning to call “ I am Bankstown”. All are welcome. 

DRAG GOSSIP: With a New Zealand supermodel Felicity Frockaccino moving out West to team up with a “diva has been”, Me after finally getting rid of all my drag.. Drag will return to my house. Will it be a case of two larger-than-life people killing each other? .. In other Gossip rumour that there is another fabulous group / business starting in the Penrith area called "FLAME", they will be organising social nights/dinners on Thursdays and a monthly dance on a Saturday night. 'Hopefully' it will not be an overkill of events in Western Sydney. I will keep you informed as information comes to me .. And as the Federal Budget is handed down will it be a case of the end of community radio "Queer out West 89.3Fm" as we know it because of funding cuts..  Time will only tell. I should know by next month and I'll have a clearer understanding

Until next time be safe and look after each other!


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