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bevmarchOMFG! It's my birthday and I'll bitch if I want to!

This month I celebrate my Birthday, that meaning... I'm 47! Oh how time flies. Over this time I've seen so many venues come and go. We've lost many in Western Sydney as well as the City this year and its only March!

Oh, I'm showing my age now! I decided in 2013 to go into semi-retirement after doing drag for 21 years last year. I will now focus on co-ordinating my social events / charity event and community radio program "Queer Out West 89.3fm" every Monday night from 22:00 and leaving the performing up to the young ones.

heavenWith me reducing how much drag I do because I am an "old has-been", I have put things into practise to increase the patronage at our social dances. So that means for the first two dances we have locked in the fabulous Pandora Box to put together our new production of two shows on Saturday 8th March & 10th May with "2Gay 2Function"
Starring : Pandora Box, CoCo Foxx, Lola DelArte & Ricki Renee.
For more information go to our website

After 18 times of marching in the Parade, finally I can now be called a "diva has-been". Teaming up with Lola DelArte, we attended the Mardi Gras 'Parade VIP Party' & 'Diamond Club Viewing' at Taylor Square then off we went to the party where we caught up with Danger Del Rey.

The fabulous Courtney Act was the opening show at midnight, and even with all of us in full drag, we hung around till 2am to check out Tina Arena.

Other performance included Samantha Jade & Marcia Hines. Sadly by 4.00am I was over it and we made our way back to Western Sydney. I was in bed by 6 like an old mole, but I am 21 which is old for a drag queen. LOL! 

Over 10,000 performers took part in the parade to help celebrate the 36th anniversary of Mardi Gras - now that's impressive!

bluemountainsA quick reminder to you active and adventurous people - the Blacktown Outdoors Group are holding a bushwalk and swim at Erskine Creek in the lower Blue Mountains this Saturday 15th March.

We will meet at the top of the Jack Evans Track for our medium grade walk down to Erskine Creek for lunch and a refreshing swim. Contact for full details is www.

KaleidoscopeAnd we must not forget about the alternative night in Western Sydney at the Parramatta Golf Club, because if you do not attend them they will not last. With so many venues / social nights coming and going, and now with lockout at 1:30am in the city, we really need to support the venues whenever we can, and the social nights like "Kaleidoscope" on the 5th April at the Parramatta Golf Club.
For more information go to

In other exciting NEWS I am in the process of negotiating a spectacular show on the long weekend in June at the "Kaleidoscope 4th Birthday Party" with reality TV star and singing sensation LayDee KinMee. Make sure you keep your eye out for this and do not plan anything for long weekend as it's going to be spectacular. Two shows for $15 that will help raise money for Kaleidoscope Social Dance so we can buy a new spotlight, so mark this in your diary - 7th JUNE.

Very sad to announce a very popular night (Raunchy Richard's Bingo) has become unpopular and has been canned, with her balls having dropped for the final time. Will this have a roll on effect with the alternative show night coming to an end for her in the future? Time will only tell. You should really support the venues :)

Until next time, gorgeous!
BB xxx
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