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Be Happy... Be Mardi Gras Happy!

bevmardigrasThe year has started off with a bang with the first Heaven of the year.

The original idea was to set up nights for us Western Drag Queens to have a stage and for us and our friends to hang out. So, we kicked off 2014 with '' Frocked Up #2 '' So You Think You've Got Talent on the 11th January, Wow what a night at Heaven.


Thank you to firstly all the people that came @160 people, a BIG Thank You to the judges; Portia Turbo, Pandora Box, Eliza Downe & Ian Stumbles, & all the contestants : Danger Del Ray (1st) Coco Foxx (2nd) Fifi Fo'Fum (3rd) Sheneeds Amore (4th) & April Fools , Lena Ova'Backwardz, Lucy Furr, Antonio Mantonio + our fabulous Host for the evening Felicty Frockacciono and DJ Shaft.


All the contestants will receive ongoing spots at Heaven and Kaleidoscope. Again thank you to all the patrons and staff. I have a good feeling about this year our fist two dances were packed, It was great to see so many people.


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lola delarte missfairday2014CONGRATULATIONS to our Western Sydney drag diva Lola Del Arte for taking out the crown for the third time and winner Miss Fair Day 2014...


Were you at Fair Day? Did you take some fabulous pictures? Why not upload them to your profile... as we are giving away a DOUBLE PASS TO MARDI GRAS PARTY!


Fair Day is now over, you know the Parade and party is soon to follow (01Mar) can you feel the electricity in the air - it's just fabulous darlings!


Check out the official GTG Fair Day Photo Galleries


After walking and working in the parade for the last 18 years, will this year be any different ?


As you get older, it seems the route gets longer... despite offers to be part of a float, this year I might just watch the parade and then go to the party with my drag daughter... too many decisions to early to decide.


After a big one last year doing the parade and the party and being filmed getting ready for Mardi Gras for ''SUNRISE'' TV program and then going to the party to unwind this year maybe i should do something different?


I would like to see more floats and social groups from the West be involved, it seems everyone splits into other groups at Mardi Gras time when it should be a time that we unite?


Mardi Gras Film Festival

Queer Screen celebrates its 21st birthday years but sadly Queer Screen will NOT be returning to the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta this year at this stage. But like I say if you don't support events in western Sydney they just won't be there any more...


It's going to be a huge year for Queer Out West 89.3fm! This year we celebrate 13 years of broadcasting to the LGBTIQ community after we moved to a new studio in March 2012! How will I cope with a new Hi-tech studio and new presenters in 2014?


Also this year we say good bye to 3 of most popular presenters, DJ Sass, DJ Justin Scott, and Sandy Bottom as they are moving on to greener pastures and I would like to thank them for contributing to the show and wish them all the best in the future.


We are looking to pick up some fabulous presenters for our program this year, and always on the lookout for something unique, original and that allows us to showcase the best of our community... So don't forget to listen LIVE every Monday night from 22:00-24:00 on the radio or online - if you have a business or event and want to advertise or sponsor our show - please contact our radio station - its a great way to support us and keep us on air!

Sponsorship/Advertising: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Some gossip is true I decided at the end of 2013 to go into semi retirement after doing drag for 21 years in 2013, I will now focus on co-ordinating social events / charity events and the community radio program " Queer Out West 89.3fm " and now will only do drag on special events / charity nights only and leaving the performing up to the young ones....


Which up and coming Western Sydney drag queen who spends most of her days in the local gym, which all sounds good until you find out which muscles she is working on. With the gym barring her from the gym for indecent behaviour in a public place, how many gyms does she need to be barred from before she realises there is a time and place for everything - Not at the gym love!! And counting..........



Until next time Gorgeous,

Have a Happy and Safe Mardi Gras!


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