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Ho Ho Ho! It's Christmas time again. Are we just being jolly or talking about the stage acts? As some of you may know, I have never been one for Christmas. I've never had a real reason to celebrate, and the thought of doing Christmas spots made me cringe.

However, this year the tables have turned and I'm feeling a little excited, just like Big Kev.
"A drama free Christmas..."

Hopefully I don't get a sudden heart attack from all the excitement. LOL! 2013 sees me celebrating Christmas without my son or family due to work commitments this year. OMFG. Will it be all turkey and pudding, or will it be just boring?

bev geoff field wad 2013One good thing has come out of December and that was the World AIDS Day Red Party #3 - Kaleidoscope Social Dance at the Parramatta Golf Club.

We raised $1,700 on the night, which went directly to ACON Western Sydney which will be used for projects and events based in the Greater Western Suburbs.  I would like to say a big Thank You to the 15 performers and the 2 fabulous hosts Geoff Field and Laydee Kinmee.  It was our biggest night ever with over 150 people attending the Parramatta Golf Club.

Also a big thank you to my partner in crime Ian Stumbles for all his help - and for keeping me calm on the night.

Hopefully this will be a sign of 2014 and patrons will continue to support our social nights in Western Sydney.

By now most people will know that we have reduced the amount of social dances to one a month at the two different venues alternately with Heaven returning on the 11th January. I'm looking for some new talent to perform at our social nights in Western Sydney and give Western Sydney queens a place to perform. We present "Frocked Up #2" on this night in January with a talent quest with a difference. Drag Queens and Drag Kings only from Western Sydney are allowed to enter with cash prizes and paid gigs for the 4 finalists. This will encourage developing their drag and performance skills in a one off night on the 11th January. For more information please go to our website

bev wad 2013Whilst on this subject, I do not do drag for a living as I have a full time job but my first priority will always be to the GLBTI community; providing safe environments and raising awareness and money as Heaven and Kaleidoscope have done over the years raising over $17,000 for ACON and The Haven in Western Sydney. I really hope that I can continue to do this in 2014 with your help. Please support our nights in Western Sydney. Please be aware that these social dances are not for profit social nights with all proceeds after initial costs being donated to charity. Initial costs are Function Fees, DJ Hire, Small Entertainment Budget. On average we need 55 people to attend every dance otherwise it is not practical to run them. Please visit and


It's that time of the year when everyone flees overseas for their cosmetic surgery. Don't get me started! (Sandy Bottom is having a touch up in Thailand).

In other news, which Sydney drag queen has been given her marching orders and has left Sydney completely to recover from an addiction?

It will be very interesting to see how many of my drag friends stay my friends in 2014 because I am unable to give them all paid work now.

Until next time gorgeous, Merry Christmas and a Gay New Year.
Be safe.
Love BB

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