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Great Way To Go Out!


Western Sydney drag queens came together celebrating the 23rd Annual  DIVA Awards at The Roundhouse – Kensington.

OMG! After being nominated six times I, Beverly Buttercup, finally won  ”Queen Of Hearts" DIVA Award 2013! It's been fabulous to have won three time in 21 years of doing drag, and it's a great way to go out. I have decided, in 2014, that I will be going into semi-retirement after doing drag for 21 years.

I will now focus on being co-ordinator for my social events, charity events and community radio program ”Queer Out West 89.3fm” as a boy and leaving the performing up to the young ones.

It was also nice to be shortlisted for a nomination for an "Honour Award 2013” in the Media/Arts/Entertainment category.

I have always said that it's not about winning, it's about being acknowledged for what you do. This is a prime example that if you work hard you can achieve anything. Not many people in Western Sydney get acknowledged for their contribution and achievements and it great to see that change is in the air. 


Heaven Social Dance

We'll celebrate its last dance for 2013 this weekend (09 November) at the Northmead Bowling Club, 166 Windsor Rd, Northmead NSW. With the final production show of " Sisters of SIZE" FEATURING: Felicity Frockaccino, Lola DelArte , Eliza Downe at 11:30pm PLUS A SPECIAL LIVE PERFORMANCE BY: LayDee KinMee at 10pm it's going to a big one so get there early - doors open at 8pm Entry $10. Check out the What's On Listing on - RSVP on the site and show your support!


Kaleidoscope Social Dance

Presenting our annual fundraiser the "RED PARTY #3" (The Only World AIDS Day Charity Night in Western Sydney) at Kaleidoscope on Saturday 07th December at the Parramatta Golf Club, Park Parade from 7pm. Hosted By: LayDee KinMee (Australia Got Talent) & Geoff Field (2DayFm). With 3 Shows featuring 15 Special Guest Performances by Drag Kings, Drag Queens, Singers , entry is $15. All patrons are encouraged to wear RED, with PRIZES available for Best Dressed Male & Female. With an array of fabulous people donating their time to help promote awareness and raise money for World AIDS Day, all proceeds on the night go to ACON Western Sydney. RSVP NOW and show your support 

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Drag  Gossip

Which Western Sydney Drag Queens got up close and personal in a disabled toilet (rather than the car park) at DIVA? One of them had toilet paper stuck to their shoe for most of the night after farting a hole in the rear of her gown, ducking into a cubicle and pulling a spare skirt out of her purse of wonders!  


In other gossip, I'm a big believer in KARMA! What goes around comes around! Drag, to me, is all about community and forging friendships. If you kick people and screw people over on the way up - don't expect friends on the way down - like one Queen has found out - now her bookings are all but slipping away. Get out of Western Sydney if you can't be nice to others that got you there in the first place. Although Drag Queens may be "bitchy" there is no place for real bitches. I really won't hold back anymore regarding those who don't respect others.

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