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Meet Your Mardi Gras DJs: Amanda Louise

  • Written by  Pez
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NAME: Amanda Louise 
PARTY: "I'm spinning for the first time at Mardi Gras party - in the Hordern." 
SOUND: "Deep underground beats." 

amandalouiseThis year's Mardi Gras theme is "Passion."
I’m living and breathing my passions every time I get behind the decks. It’s that moment when I connect with someone on the dance floor, at that perfect moment when I’ve sent them into audio ecstasy and they’re smiling back at me with a knowing look - this is what I was born to do!

Tell us something you're passionate about that might surprise us.
When I travel, I have a fetish for shoes. Not buying them, but seeing the shoes all the girls are wearing and how they flatter the legs that they’re attached too. Mmmm… Ladies legs and their shoes! That’s quite delicious.

Tell us about your first Mardi Gras experience.
For my first Mardi Gras, I marched with the Cathy Freeman float, performed as a community dancer during the Shauna Jensen and Adeva show and later that night, I met my first ever girlfriend - we were making out during the Christine Anu show. I've never felt so free and alive!

How do you prepare a set?
It's a mixture of how the people move in that space and what experience I want them to have. I research that sound and go out dancing with friends to venues that have other performers that inspire me.

What track can't you get enough of right now?
Gene Farris, Move your Body (Riva Starr remix)What artist would we be most shocked to find on your iPod?
'Everybody Wants To Rule the World' - Tears for Fears

What's your wildest onstage memory?
Spinning at the Weekend Club Berlin - the lights, the sound system and the crowd was absolutely mental!

Mardi Gras is a celebration of diversity and pride. What should the gay community be most proud of?
Being proud of just how far we have come as a community and especially being thankful for those who have come before us. Over the years they have pushed the boundaries, taken risks and vocalised our rights as human beings so we can all live in a more accepting society, in accepting and celebrating same love.

Your industry has experienced such an evolution the last few years. What are both the best and worst changes you've witnessed?
The industry has seen a flood of new talent arrive but I think competition is a good thing. Social media has definitely changed how we promote parties, it has it's pro's and con’s. But it’s the lock out regulations that has really hit hard on the industry in Sydney and I honestly believe we need our freedom to be returned to us.

Punters always have requests for DJs. What special requests do you have for your Mardi Gras audience?
Find your groove, dance hard and put your faith in me to take you on a deep journey of sexy sounds.

(Photo credit: Markham Lane)
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